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Raise your hand if you enjoy food!  Now, if you’re visually oriented as I am, and you eat with your eyes first, keep your hand up.  Hopefully most, if not all of you, still have your hands up. If you do, and you love to cook and try out new recipes, welcome to my website.

It’s no secret that I love food.  Anyone who knows me or talks to me quickly finds out that food is one of my passions.  I love to grow it; shop for it; prepare it; cook it; order it; eat it – you name it. I just love spending time in the kitchen, creating food that my eyes would eat.

After many years of being the willing and very appreciative benefactor of what I call ‘cooking therapy,’ my husband, Steve, suggested that I start a food blog, and share my scrumptious creations.  So in February 2015, we began working on our collaborative project together.  I am the chef and blogger; he’s the man with the smoke and light show, behind the curtain.

While you’re here, I hope you find a recipe or two that piques your interest and try them out.  Also, if you consider yourself a culinary craftsman or woman, I would encourage you to share your ideas using the rating and comment options.

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And if by chance, you also enjoy reading science fiction, and you aren’t creeped out by the paranormal, I invite you to visit my sister-site: readvickistewart.com.

Thank you for visiting!  Feast your eyes; pop a cork and happy cooking!


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  1. My sister Donna sent me the link to you blog and I can’t wait to try your recipes. My son, husband and I are also a “chili-heads” and absolutely love your scorpion salsa! Where do you get ghost peppers in the Lou?

    • Hi Jacquie! I’m always happy to meet a fellow chili-head! I start all of my hot peppers from seeds because like you, finding mature plants locally in St. Louis is rare. I started my scorpions, chocolate and golden habaneros back in late January. They’re little seedlings now so hopefully by Mother’s day, the plants will be strong enough to begin moving outside. I saw pictures of your pepper harvest from last year – WOW! I hope you have as much luck, if not more, this year! Thanks for leaving a comment. Let me know which recipes you try!

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