Habanero Dust


This is it – the end of my spicy habanero recipes from the garden this year. Looking back over the past several weeks, there’ve been some delicious dishes I know I’ll be making again. I hope you will too!

It seems a bit odd having a recipe with only one ingredient and one step, however, I decided to post it because I’ve used this habanero dust a lot more than I expected I would. I sprinkle it on everything; pizza, pasta, sliced tomatoes – anywhere I want a little kick to my taste buds instead of just salt and pepper.

And it all started with an experiment. I had hundreds of peppers lined out on my counter one day and I thought, “I wonder how well these would dry for a seasoning?” So I fashioned up a tether line using two bottles of wine as my holders, two wood martini picks stuck into the corks, a long piece of kitchen string and about 30 assorted peppers strung up between the bottles. They looked very pretty strung up on the window sill above my sink. Then I waited, and I waited, and I waited. About six weeks later, the peppers were dry and ready for the final step.

The powder will store for months in a tightly sealed jar so grind up a batch and see what you come up with!


An assortment of dried habaneros


1) Place the whole dried habaneros in a spice mill and grind until you have a fine powder.  Store the powder in a tightly sealed jar.

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