Kentucky Bourbon Brined Pork with Smoked Chile BBQ Sauce

Kentucky Bourbon Brined Pork Butt

This post is a total redemption to my improperly paired smoked pork roast with the chipotle-cherry BBQ sauce from a few weeks ago. First, because I just couldn’t give up until I found the perfect sauce to go along with the pork roast; and second, because I couldn’t keep my mind and my taste buds from thinking about!

You know what it’s like, right? You start thinking about BBQ pulled pork and then suddenly your visual memory recall goes into this slow motion, close-up replay of smoky, fork tender meat that’s just a little crispy on the edges, piled on a toasted bun with rich, thick, spicy barbeque sauce dripping down over the meat…sigh.

Wow, I just did it again!

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