Rosemary and Gruyere Croissants


Looking for something different to serve with your holiday dinner this year other than boring crescent rolls or hot cross buns? These rosemary and gruyere croissants have delicate puff pastry swirled with creamy butter, melted gruyere cheese and just a hint of rosemary and black pepper. They literally melt in your mouth and present beautifully. They would even be great as an appetizer for your New Year’s Eve party!

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Roasted Jalapeño, Cheddar & Bacon Cornbread

Roasted Jalapeno, Cheddar & Bacon Cornbread

I moved to Texas mid-way through my junior year in high-school and lived there for seventeen years before my heart called me back to the mid-west where I was born.

What I remember most about traditional southern-style cooking include chicken-fried steak, fried okra, black-eyed peas, and cornbread. The okra and black-eyed peas were pretty good, but I didn’t care for the chicken-fried steak, and I found the cornbread to be dry, gritty and flavorless. Mind you; I was smart enough to know you never tell a Texan you don’t like their food.

But I’m a bread lover, so I was convinced there had to be a way to make cornbread enticing. So after a few tries, I found the flavor and texture I was looking for in this version made with buttermilk, Greek yogurt, and sour cream. Aside from the fact it also has cooked bacon and roasted jalapeño (how could I go wrong there?), it has just the right balance of moisture to the cornmeal, smokiness from the bacon, and a nice low heat from the peppers.

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