Brussels Sprout Slaw with Feta and Candied Cashew Dust

I started shaving raw Brussels sprouts into salads a few months ago because I liked the slightly bitter flavor they add to fresh greens, and I wanted to work in some additional protein, iron, and potassium to my diet.

For this recipe, I decided to go all in and make the sprouts the focus of the slaw by having the creamy feta cheese and the tangy balsamic dressing bring the flavors together. The added crunchy sweet cashew dust was a perfect finish.

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Couscous Salad with Turkey, Sprouts, and Arugula

I was very pleased with this salad for two reasons. First of all, because it was delicious, healthy, and very satisfying, and second because I got my husband and daughter to eat Brussels sprouts; something they swore they would never do. I shredded the sprouts raw and mixed them into the greens. If you’ve never tried raw Brussels sprouts in a salad before, this would be the perfect time to try them.

Like tiny cabbage heads, raw Brussels sprouts have a richly sweet flavor, with just a hint of bitterness, and they taste great when paired with peppery arugula and the bright, citrusy vinaigrette.

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Bourbon Bacon Marmalade Glazed Brussels Sprouts

Bourbon Bacon Marmalade Brussels Sprouts

As a self-proclaimed ‘foodie,’ there are times when I am faced with challenges due to having two very picky eaters in my home.  I’ve learned over the years, that there are times to pick my culinary battles as to what I serve for dinner that we will all enjoy, versus when I have a taste for something that I know I will be eating all by myself.   For example, Brussels sprouts.  My husband and daughter have another, less appetizing word for them.  I, however, call them delicious.  And hello – they’re glazed with bourbon bacon marmalade!  Double-delicious!

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