Bayou Seafood Dinner

I had a craving for some Cajun spiced shrimp last weekend, which quickly evolved into this tasty seafood dish. The sweet, tender shrimp, buttery scallops, and mild, flaky cod picked up all the delicious spices of the smoky Cajun seasonings, and the crisp sweetness of the corn along with the unique flavor and texture of the okra added a bright, crunchy finish.

I loved this meal so much, I was thankful there were leftovers for lunch the next day!

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Pesce con Stufato di Pomorodo

Pese con Stufato di Pomodoro

I have always wanted to visit Tuscany.  The movies make it look so beautiful!  If I ever do make my way there, I imagine that I would order something similar to this dish; perhaps from a quaint little restaurant on a hillside by the sea, sipping a glass of wine while watching the sun set.

And doesn’t the title of this recipe sound musical when you say it out loud in Italian?  Try it.  “Pesce con Stufato di Pomorodo.”  It literally rolls off your tongue!  Not to mention it also sounds much more elegant than the English translation of “fish with tomato stew.”

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