Spiced Apple and Rum Compote

Spiced Apple and Rum Compote

In the quaint and historic town of Augusta, Missouri, there’s a wonderful family owned establishment called Centennial Farms. Not only do I buy my honey from them year round, my family also loves to visit them each fall to pick apples and to buy our Halloween pumpkins.

Last weekend, my daughter and I decided to venture out for an apple picking excursion and came home with a wonderful assortment of Fuji, Golden Delicious, Johnathan, Ruby Jon and Winesap apples. Plenty of opportunities for me to create some new recipes!

Here’s the first masterpiece from my kitchen, a spiced apple and rum compote. The slow cooked apples developed a beautiful flavor along with the deep, caramel richness from the brown sugar and vanilla. And they had just the right amount of spice from the cinnamon and nutmeg to round out the finishing touch of the dark, smoky rum. Absolute perfection!

Who needs an apple pie when you can have a bowl of this with a scoop of ice cream?

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