Moroccan-Spiced Pork with Potato-Carrot Latke and Piña Colada Curry Sauce

Moroccan-Spiced Pork with Potato-Carrot Latke and Pina Colada-Curry Sauce

As often as I cook, you would think the ingredients in our pantry and fridge rotate pretty frequently. Most of the time that would be true, however, I recently had an ingredient emergency that called for desperate measures. I accidentally left coconut milk off of my grocery list.

So, as I foraged through the kitchen trying to find something else that would be an acceptable alternative, I happened upon a forgotten can of piña colada mix, way back in shadows of the freezer. I have no idea how long it had been there but much to my surprise, it ended up saving dinner that night!

The pan sauce had an unexpected layer of tropical flavors that balanced the heat from the curry and red pepper flakes with a sweet and spicy finish. So this recipe had a little make-over. From now on, forget the coconut milk, and add piña colada mix!

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